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Cathédrale Notre-Dame et Saint-Vaast

Visite.org 62000 Arras (Pas-de-Calais)
After the Revolution, the former abbey chapel of Saint Vaast was raised to the rank of a cathedral in 1833 to replace Notre-Dame, while keeping the two names. It is a large classical church built by Contant d'Ivry in the second half of the 18th century. The facade has two superimposed rows of Corinthian columns under a triangular pediment and is preceded by a monumental stairway called the " Grands Passés ". The Corinthian order is also found around the interior of the church, giving the structure great architectural harmony. In the north arm, there are two 16th century triptychs by Jean Bellegambe representing the Adoration of the Infant and Christ at the Pillar. The side chapels contain statues of saints commissioned for the Panthéon in 1879 from well-known sculptors of the day: Emmanuel Frémiet, Paul Dubois and François Jouffroy. Between 1922 and 1933, they were transferred to the cathedral, which had been empty since a fire in 1915.
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