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Visite.org 59400 Cambrai (Nord)
Classified today as City of Art and History, Cambrai boasts a rich heritage and numerous classified buildings. It dates back to Roman
times when it was known as Camaracum. The town became a Frankish capital in AD445 and was fortified by Charlemagne around
AD800. Cambrai’s early history is steeped in battles between jealous rivalries until it reverted to the Kingdom of France in 1677 under
Louis XIV. The city of Cambrai was caught up in both world wars in the 20th century. The town hall, destroyed during the First World War, was
completely reconstructed in the 1920s re-creating the original façade. It was during the Battle of Cambrai in 1917 that British military tanks were deployed for the first time. In spite of war damage, and there are still many
traces in the town of its Medieval, Renaissance and Classical past. The city’s skyline is dominated by three towers, built of white limestone: the belfry, the cathedral and St
Gery’s church. A citadel with underground alleries erected in the 15th century by Charles V can be visited each year during the second
weekend in October – information available from the tourist office. Specialities from Cambrai include linen, mentioned by Shakespeare, small chitterlings sausages and mint flavoured sweets called Betises de

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